It must have come as quite a surprise to get a notice that you’ve been discharged from active service when you didn’t even know you were part of any military! Hopefully, though, it piqued your interest, and you will want to join a new D&D&D game with a custom setting that should be a lot of fun.

It’s D&D&D because it’s Dinner and Dungeons and Dragons! We will enjoy dinner together Wednesday evenings, and then get our dice rolling on. The meal will be served at 6:30pm (if you are running late, we can keep a plate warm for ya) with game afterwords. If you have any dietary restrictions or requests, please post them on the food page.

For the first session – 9/8/2010 – we will just be rolling characters. We have a couple of players who are really very brand new, and it will be good to let them take the time to understand how a character works. I will probably set up a very simple example encounter to introduce the basic mechanics of the game as well, but it won’t be part of the campaign.

While I hope I can make this setting feel very rich and detailed, it’s really just a sketch in my mind still – I encourage you all to help me fill it out. I will be posting maps and other information on the wiki. This will be your character’s shared culture: the world you know is out there waiting to be explored, the famous heroes and villains that live in the stories you were told while falling asleep, the latest rumors, passed in loud whispers…

See you Weds!


bethgo sammykun AmmersVI